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Soheir Khashoggi’s Biography

Soheir Khashoggi was born in Alexandria, Egypt, she comes from one of the most prominent and respected families in Saudi Arabia. Her father Dr Mohammad Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia’s first physician and a pioneer in bringing electricity to the country, moved his wife and children to Alexandria in order to further his children’s educations in English schools.

By the age of 14 Soheir was fluent in Arabic, English and French, and was an accomplished artist. Lauded for her literary as well as artistic talent, she continued to win many prizes for her short stories, drawings and paintings during her teen years.

She attended college at San Jose State in California for one year before relocating to Beirut, Lebanon where she continued her studies at the American University of Beirut. She than completed her degree in art and design at the Interior Design Center of Beirut, and later began her career as an interior designer as well as a fine artist. She had her first show in Beirut in 1967.

Soheir had a desire in writing.  Her favorite memories are from her childhood in Egypt, the images of wind, sand, sea and the exotic flowers, inform her exceptional novels.

MIRAGE, published in 1996 in the U.S and in 37 languages, it’s a magnificent saga of the loves and loses of three generations of women. MIRAGE takes you behind the veil of secrecy to express the real lives of women in today’s harems and into the hidden world of the Middle Eastern aristocracy.

Her second novel, NADIA’S SONG published in 1999, in the U.S and other countries. Spanning five decades of turbulent Middle Eastern history, from World War 11 to the first Gulf war. It is a moving saga of mothers and daughters and the unbreakable bond between them. It is a story of triumph and tragedy, a powerful but forbidden love based in Alexandria, Egypt.

Her third novel MOSAIC, published 2003 in the U.S and other countries, is a compelling story of love, loss, friendship, and strength. It weaves together cultures and illuminates the difference between the roles of men and women from the East and West.

Like a modern Scheherazade Khashoggi spins tales of romance and drama in her wonderful novels.

Soheir has participated in conferences worldwide and was a speaker at the International Woman’s World Forum against violence in Spain, an organization founded by Queen Sofia of Spain.

Being an author and painter, Soheir’s portraits are a mystical art work that originates from images of the Middle East.  Her portrait paintings are notable for their warm colors, the crisp details and the highly expressive eyes.  Her still lifes are a land of light giving the eyes a feast of color.

Soheir has four daughters.

She had her first art exhibit at the Marmara art Gallery in New York 2008

Art show was at The National Art Club in 2011

Soheir received a Gold Medal award for artist/writer on the Queen Mary in California 2011

Art show was held in Florence Italy, September 19th, 2013

Another Art show in Forte De Marme, Italy July, 2015